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Mold Stain Remover Solutions

Do you need to remove mold stains from Wood, Concrete, Drywall, Tile & Grout, or Fiberglass?​

We use a multi-surface cleaner & odor treatment that penetrates into porous substrates, such as wood, concrete, drywall, fiberglass, fabric and more. Made with plant-based ingredients that stop odor-causing bacteria with just one treatment and are safe to use to on almost all surfaces. Our powerful cleaner and odor neutralizer leaves no harmful residue that must be removed, therefore no rinsing or wiping is required.


  • Superior mold stain removal efficiency
  • Works on most surfaces, porous or hard surfaces
  • Treats Wood, Concrete, Drywall, Fiberglass, Fabric & More

Remove Stains!

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EnergySmith Home Performance

As part of the EnergySmith Home Performance family, you can expect honesty, professionalism, and strong ethics. With over 60 years combined home improvement experience, the owners of EnergySmith Home Performance are proud to provide a high, quality service at the very best price. Mike and Joe are proud of creating successful and lasting relationships with numerous power companies like Duke Energy (Trade Ally program), Laurens Electric and Georgia Power as well. At EnergySmith we consider our greatest accomplishment our relationships with our customers.

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