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Solar Power Modules

Solar Power Modules

Best Solar Power System!

Go Solar!  Save Energy! Custom Designs

We at Energy Smith Home Performance have partnered with a great company to offer you the best made Solar Power Modules to reduce your home’s carbon footprint. We have partnered with Solcius for all our customers solar needs. We have made this business decision after months of research so that we can provide the best products and service at the guaranteed lowest overall cost for our EnergySmith / Solcius customer.)

Solar energy is a cost-efficient and eco-friendly power source. The energy harvested from your roof is clean, safe, and simple. Going solar gives your family immediate cost savings as well as benefits the environment. With technology use increasing, and power consumption at an all-time high, energy costs are constantly on the rise. Invest in your energy future now. It’s the perfect time to switch to solar.

Solar Power Installation:

Solar PV
Yields Performance
Light Weight

Benefits of Solar Modules:

  • Highly efficient cells and patented drainage corners for optimized self-cleaning
  • The slender frame profile is 33 mm high and combines the ultimate in aesthetics with complete functionality
  • Lightweight solution with advanced stability, providing a maximum mechanical durability of 8.5 kN/m²
  • Proven resistance to extreme environmental factors: tested resistance to salt spray, frost and hail-proof, resistant to ammonia, dust and sand

Made by SolarWorld Solar Panels 20 Year20 YEARS PRODUCT WARRANTY

Our products must deliver what they promise – over their entire service life. Quality standards ‘Made by SolarWorld’ are based on the real-world conditions our modules will be exposed to. SolarWorld thus takes the decisive extra step in testing and assuring module quality – in a way that far exceeds industry standards. We have doubled the product warranty for our modules from 10 to 20 years* thus offering our customers even better investment security for the system – because we are convinced: REAL VALUE lasts longer!  * valid for all modules installed from January 1, 2017

Solar Panel Performance Classes10 Wp PERFORMANCE CLASSES

With innovative PERC cell technology, we continuously deliver higher performance at the same module size with the same highest quality standards for the materials used. For our customers, in the future, we are delivering all modules with mono-PERC cell technology in 10 Wp performance classes. With this, our customers are receiving on average more power per nominal power class; distributors and installers benefit from the reduced number of articles and higher availability.


Top quality ‘Made by SolarWorld’ – independently verified: The certificate “VDE Quality Tested” from the German Association for Electrical, Electronic + Information Technologies – VDE certifies SolarWorld modules as having high reliability, low degradation and optimized functional reliability. For our customers, this means even more security for their investment.

Solar Power Module Installation Steps:

  1. Consultation
  2. Site Survey
  3. Installation
  4. Inspection
  5. Turn it on and Start Saving!

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